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The leading provider of results driven consulting and advisory services to the lottery
and gaming market.

Warrenside is an international gaming and lottery market. The consultancy focuses on the sports betting and lottery gaming market. Warrenside provides strategic business and operational consulting services
to a wide range of international clients.

Our Services

Warrenside provides a wide range of consulting services

Market Research and Sizing

Market research to identify opportunities and potential hurdles in a jurisdiction

Market sizing for both the jurisdiction and for the operators and technology providers

Feasibility study for opportunities

Competitive analysis

Jurisdictional analysis


RFP Management – RFP document, evaluation criteria, RFP participant selection, analysis and                bidder selection

Provider selection and contract negotiation – technology, content and sports betting

Operations structure and procedures

Organizational structure and role definitions

Education of management and employees

Launch and ongoing operations planning and analysis

Payment solutions

Strategic & Business Plan

Development of strategic plan

Development of robust model to support an opportunity and the strategic plan

Benchmarking and sensitivities

Investment and returns analysis

Funding structure

Business Practices

Legislation and regulation white papers and best practice

Legislation and regulatory documents

Gaming tax white papers and best practices to optimize opportunity for all participants

KYC, AML and Geo best practices




Marketing Plan

Marketing best practices

Affiliate marketing and bonuses plan

Product Selection

Lottery, Sports, Casino & Bingo

Product roadmap

Product performance Analysis


William Scott founded Warrenside in 2013. In over six years, the Company has advised a significant number of international gaming
operators, technology and content providers, leveraging over 18 years of William’s senior-level experience in the gaming industry.

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